Product Code: 87PS59001

Barcode: 5055530133518


Scale: 1/87


The 1959 Plymouth Savoy Sedan was produced by the American automobile manufacturer Plymouth, a division of the Chrysler Corporation. The Savoy was part of Plymouth's full-size car lineup and was known for its durability and reliability. It was available in various body styles, including sedans, coupes, and station wagons.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) used a fleet of 1959 Plymouth Savoy Sedans as patrol cars during that era. The 1959 Plymouth Savoy Sedan could be equipped with various engine options, including inline-six and V8 engines. The V8 engines were favored by law enforcement agencies for their higher performance.

The patrol cars would have been fitted with police radios, sirens, emergency lights, and other law enforcement equipment necessary for patrolling and responding to emergencies.

This Plymouth Savoy model makes its first appearance, decorated in the highly visible black and white livery of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.  It has all the lights and sirens associated with the law enforcement department, a very wide radiator grille in silver wiped black, black wheels with silver hubcaps and a dark grey interior.  The registration plate reads 4.21812 Visit Oklahoma 59.  Not to be caught speeding, we hope!


Whats In The Box:

  • Oxford Diecast Plymouth Savoy Sedan 1959 Oklahoma Highway Patrol
  • Comes on a plinth, clear case and Oxford Diecast wrap. 

Item Dimensions - Without Packaging: 

  • Length (cm) = 6.0
  • Height (cm) = 1.7
  • Width (cm) = 2.2
  • Scale = 1:87