Product Code: 6364S

Barcode: 8001283063647


Scale: 1/35


At the beginning of World War II, the U.S. Army had lightweight and lightly armed vehicles, called "scout cars," for advanced reconnaissance activities. Developed during the war, the M-8 Greyhound armored car, characterized by increased protection and heavier armament, represented a turning point for the American army. The vehicle provided greater operational flexibility and could be more effectively used to support ground troops thanks to the 37mm cannon installed in the turret. First used on the Italian front, from Monte Cassino to Anzio, it later participated in the D-Day operations in June 1944. Although the terrain in Normandy proved difficult and challenging during the initial stages of the operation, the M-8 was highly appreciated for its speed and versatility. It was utilized not only by the U.S. Army but also by numerous Allied countries.


What's in the box?

  • Plastic kit
  • Instruction sheet
  • Paint guide
  • Decal Sheet


  • Skill level: 3
  • Scheme Options: 4
  • Finish: Plastic


Item Dimensions - Without Packaging:

  • 14.0 cm